Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Another Patriotic Piece

posted this yesterday
using up more red,white and blue strips
I had so many short pieces from the last 2 rugs

a little progress
it's about 12 x 26
so that center space isn't very big

right now I'm planning on a flag

drawn on the same piece of linen
as Little Bird, Little Star
the rug I'd planned to hook

decided my precut strips would not do it justice
after the little one is hooked
I'll separate them and set the floral aside
until I'm ready to cut more strips


I have a ton of strips still ready to use
 not the colors I want to work with
challenging myself to hook 
at least one more rug
before cutting more strips...



Saundra said...

That must have been on long honking piece of linen with numerous designs drawn in a row. Or, you've used several different pieces of linen for the various new creations. Whatever, I've loved what you've hooked.

AthertonCA said...

I look forward to seeing this rug develop.

WoolenSails said...

I always cut as I go, so never have many strips left. I am tempted to start hooking again, need something easy to do while my arm heals.


Rugs and Pugs said...

I applaud you for using so many worms. I usually take the easy way out and cut more. ARGH!!!

basketnut said...

I am loving everything you're hooking - way to go on a hooking rampage! ITs been so fun following along to see what you are doing! I wish hooking came as easily to me, but it sometimes turns into a chore (especially when I don't have the colored wool I am envisioning, then I find it extremely hard to do)LOL!!
Happy Hooking!