Monday, July 3, 2017

Decluttering Continues

going through my belongings is not tough
sorting through a lifetime
of my parents belongings is another story
and I'm not all that sentimental

I can't just toss perfectly usable items
they must be donated or given away

this is my holding station
box for books
lots of recycling
shoes of moms to donate
(after I dust and polish them)

I've already donated 
clothes, more clothes, household items
quilt fabric
you name

I set stuff at the end of the drive
I take things to work


so how do you like that bucket bench?
it's the one my local sister gave to recently
it's antique prim perfection

those  knotty pine walls drive me nuts
one day they will be a dusty white... 

that pattern I mentioned yesterday
still MIA
I know I had it recently
put it away somewhere safe...

Happy 4th!
I work tonight and tomorrow
praying for no fireworks vs hand injuries...


WoolenSails said...

Wonderful bench and I do like the idea of painting the wood, love how that looks with white.


acorn hollow said...

always hard to clean out. Love the bench

The Eveningstitcher said...

I love the bench! IT is perfect!! I'm sitting here looking at a box full of "stuff" to be donated....I still need to go into my sewing room and purge, but I just haven't been in the mood! Hope your Fourth is a quiet one at work...too many careless people who think they know how to run a show!

marly said...

The beaded pine will look so nice whitewashed. Our nursing home took mom's shoes for their residents and her in home caregivers took some for clients. It's a huge job to go through so many years of possessions and you're making progress. Nice bench.

Rugs and Pugs said...

The first thing I noticed was the bench. SWEET!
I could start decluttering today and it would take me! My poor boys if anything would happen to me. I just better live forever.
Wishing you quiet work shifts.
Happy 4th!

lynnann said...

Love the bench...... hope your 4th at work is a quiet one...

I had Habitat come in and take lots of stuff...... I know it's a rough job... going thru everything..

moosecraft said...

I'm with you on the clutter! I'm still clearing out here too... one thing I find interesting is that after I do a big cleanout, I generally think I have gotten rid of everything that I want to get rid of...then a month or so passes and I find myself looking at what's remaining in a whole new light... SO... MOOOORE stuff files out the door! lol! It's a process...that's for sure!
With concern to parent's stuff... I keep pics and small momentos in one box... everything else is just "stuff" (so I get rid of it)... it's the memories that fill your heart (that matters) and will be with you always!!!! :-)

Sweet Sue said...

wowzer, now THAT is a really nice bucket bench, good for you! two things i've learned about clearing out clutter ~ clutter can bring back some long forgotten nice memories, and... no need to rush, it'll all be there when you get back to it, lol! happy 4th:)

basketnut said...

Don't you just hate when we put stuff away for "safe keeping"! Why is it, we then cannot find it? I do that allot too, loose it, and its always been there, just take a deep breath, and keep digging!!!
Its gotta be there, somewhere....right? Happy searching!