Monday, August 14, 2017

Another Pumpkin

as you can see
another one where I changed my mind
drew this one up last year
 called for a sheep instead of cat when I started hooking
can be drawn up from my new booklet
by mixing up designs

the wool is an older piece
probably from Heavens To Betsy
mixed in with pumpkin wools
it creates a nice sparkle

having a hard time choosing a background

back to work today
still feeling not myself
but I've been to the Dr and he says it's okay
because I am sick of my own company!


Saundra said...

You are on a roll with pushing out those hooked pieces. For sure you are getting in more hooking time than me and I don't have a job. Guess I'm a real slacker, lol.

I think I've some of that wool too and not sure I've ever used it. Might have to think about mixing it with pumpkin colors too.

basketnut said...

Wow, look at how inspired you are! I want to hook now, I know I could live without making dinner tonight but I seriously doubt my other half would be too happy! LOL. Can't wait to see how this rug plays out....looking good!
Happy Hooking,

WoolenSails said...

Another wonderful rug and nice to be able to hook while you heal, hoping you feel better soon.


Sandy said...

Love your cat and pumpkin piece. I need to be hooking. Summer is time with the grandkids. Missing my hook. Sandy- Woolen Memories

Jacqueline said...

Your hooking is definitely making me think Fall. I can taste the pumpkin treats already.

Hope you feel better soon.

koi seo said...

AWESOME finish. I'm a dog person, but this little kitty can steal your heart.