Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hooking Complete

about 18 x 28

am thrilled with how this turned out
mostly cut just what I needed
ended up having to scrounge for some different blues
to finish up

the background is a mix of dark and medium blues, 
dark and medium teal
about half as-is and half overdye

the petal are a mix of four different wool pieces
one as-is
 the middle is one piece of plaid as-is

no before shots of the wool
just thought you'd like to know
scrappy is my thing

this rug will be available for purchase
once the steaming
binding and signing are complete


Linda said...

You're design is so cute and you're hooking looks so beautiful AND I love the colors That blue background is OH MY!!! Thanks for sharing the process

Linda m

Anonymous said...

This is a GREAT design!! The colors are perfect...and I love the kitty's little pumpkin heart...:)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Great finish, Kelley!

Ariane said...

It's beautiful!

Dirt Road Primitives said...

I love it so prim.......


Jo Ann said...

AWESOME finish. I'm a dog person, but this little kitty can steal your heart.

AthertonCA said...

Really cute pattern and the finished rug is awesome.

Jacqueline said...

Sew prim. Love the colors.

acorn hollow said...

So sweet Ilove it

basketnut said...

Ohhh...I love love love how this rug turned out! I am amazed at how you pull colors together, I would never think of using teal wool mixed into my blues...I wish I could do that! You make it look so easy, is it come easy for you? I know I struggle with it, not sure why as I don't have any troubles pulling fabrics together for a quilt...
Can't wait to see what's next!?!??

koi seo said...

Another wonderful rug and nice to be able to hook while you heal, hoping you feel better soon.