Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Progress and Wool Sale

this little cat is definitely a tortie
still mulling over the face

I've got a lot of wool
a lot of pre cut strip I'm tired of looking at
making up some boxes/bags to sell
I don't know how much will go in each package
by weight or yardage 
I'm guessing over 3 yards in the box and 1 1/2 yards in bag
or more
I'm not going to skimp!!!

Option #1

medium flat rate box jammed full of wool
( I will use whichever shape box fits more wool)
$50 + $13.60 priority mail shipping 

Option #2

Tyvek USPS priority mailing envelope
full of wool
$25 + $10 priority mail shipping

Shipping costs are outrageous!
I figure on Option #2 
I will lose some on the shipping
since I don't have a scale
(overcharges will be refunded over $1)

This sale is ONLY for the lower 48 states
 PayPal only
please pay promptly as I will be shipping Saturday morning
all orders not paid by 9 am 8/26 will be cancelled

each box/bags will be a mix of strips and lengths of wool
a nice way to add variety to your stash
wool will be as is and overdyed
I've been collecting wool for over 20 years

this is some of my stash
I'll be pulling wool from
I'm keeping the lightest colors for overdyeing

more and more wool
this is a small fraction of my stash

please email me with your choice
I will send you a PayPal invoice

kankerdoodle @ aol dot com


Saundra said...

I love your new cat project and the face is endearing. Will be fun to see what you choose to do there. Also think the cat box is funny as the dickens.

Yes, shipping is outrageous! But some newbie hookers will certainly love this build up of their stash.


I would be interest in option 2 Kelley.

Jacque. said...

Great deals! Way to add to one's stash. xo

Jacque. said...

oops...meant to also say...if I was still hooking, I would for sure snatch up some of your wool. Your colors are the best!!! xo

Rugs and Pugs said...

Worms do multiply while we sleep. They will be great for newbie hookers.