Tuesday, September 5, 2017

This Blue

more than a few years ago
my NC sister and I were at a prim shop
where we found two most wonderful cupboards

about the same size
one dark green
one an early blue

I choose the dark green one
it has a little shelf at the top
then doors fitted with screening
to showcase the shelves contents inisde

ever since it arrived at my house
I've wanted the blue one
yesterday she offered to paint the green one
on her next visit
in the spring


now to choose the right blue...

it's my job to find the right paint
any suggestions?



Jacqueline said...

They are all fantastic, but if I had to choose one it would be the blue on the open step back cupboard.

rx2massey said...

I agree with Jacqueline...the step back seems the "right" blue for your piece!

Liz D said...

The first blue is fabulous, almost turquoise. My dad made painted country furniture and he would take his inspiration photo to a good paint store for computer matching. Maybe they could even add pigments to a milk paint for you? Or whatever paint you want to use. [remember flat latex looks a LOT like milk paint when properly distressed, too.] Other advice, go somewhat brighter, because shadows in a room take away some of the color impact.

lizzy at gone to the beach


Liz D said...

PS My dad often painted interiors a very different color, persimmon red, sunflower yellow, deep cream, using a slightly more satin finish to keep anything stored therein from scratching.

lizzy again

marly said...

I like the subdued #2. Maybe #3. #4 is nice too. Take a piece of fabric or paper that is the shade you love and have a sample mixed. That's why I have 42 sample jars to dump onto cardboard for disposal.

Dorothy said...

Ask at your local paint store for the range of ' historical' paint colours.
Then you'll get the exact colour you want.

Saundra said...

Then you have a tough job m'dear as all of them are wonderful. I'd be doing the happy dance if the painted cupboard turned out like any of them.

prairiegirl said...

I would like to buy your booklet. Step back cupboard blue is my favorite!

Carolyn said...

Which picture do you keep going back to for one more look?

Lynn Porter said...

Prefer first one