Saturday, June 30, 2018

Cotton Closet

yesterday this closet was overflowing with wool
that has been moved to a different room

this closet now contains about 80% of my quilt fabric
might not be amazing to you
but to me it is unbelievable

when this was Mom's house the closet was overflowing
there were baskets and bags full of cotton
around the room
my house had four floor to ceiling metal shelving units
stuffed with cotton
plus more baskets and bags

over the years I downsized
she downsized
we mostly donated to our church and other charities

our joy in collecting got the best of us
I took years off from stitching to hook
she slowed down in her stitching...

it pleased us both to donate
to share our "wealth"

now my stash of cotton is not overwhelming
if only I could say that about the wool 

Happy Saturday!

the antibiotics have taken hold so the pain is gone


marly said...

Glad your meds worked. That is an impressive closet. I could do that, but I can't keep it that way! Never fails.

Saundra said...

The closet looks beautifully organized. Glad you aren't feeling pain and wish I could catch your energy to downsize faster than I've been.

Simply Quaint said...

Wonderful that you’re feeling better....the closet looks amazing! Love to see your wool stash 😀


Dorothy said...

All lovely and neat and so easy to find what you want.
Glad to hear you’re on the mend.