Sunday, March 10, 2019

Bleh Wool

image from Pinterest

these flowers are the shades I'd like to dye
this is what I end up with

the funny thing is I'm using less wool than called for
so the color should at least be stronger
oh well, these will work in with my stash

I've cleaned up my dye supplies for now


so, you don't know Jensen
the short one at 6'2
or Jared?

They star in Supernatural
it's been fun seeing them grow up up on the show
I love their characters

Dean and Sam

they are awesome men in real life
along with Misha from the show

I don't normally follow the real life of actors
but this is a very special trio

Happy Sunday!
the wind is blowing here in Ohio
so nice hearing Mom's brass bells all around the house 


NMK said...

Love those flowers & the pretty pitcher ! I Love your wool colors ! Nice & soft !
Snow ,sleet & now rain here in New England …..come on Spring melt this mess away !!!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Thanks for the education on Jared and Jensen... I have never seen (nor heard of) Supernatural. I guess Nod is behind everyone else’s times LOL. I really love the soft, subdued, colors that your wool took on, but, yeah....if you were looking for something more vibrant, I could see why you would be calling it “bleh.” Another storm rolled through here last night/today. I don’t think we got the 8” they were saying, but the winds make it very difficult to know for certain. We so need a break.... Happy Sunday ~ Robin

Rugs and Pugs said...

Not only did I not know who Jensen was, I never heard of Supernatural. I told you I live under a rock.
You may call it bleh, but I call it wonderful ❤️

acorn hollow said...

I never heard of this either but not surprising for me. The wool I am sure you will use in some great project

WoolenSails said...

But those are nice blahs, great prim shades and with farmhouse white, they would be perfect.


marly said...

I like the new color Bleh. It would make the others stand out but since I know nothing about hooking, I'll shut up.

I thought Misha's kid in the center looks just like Jack! Thanks for the photo, love those guys.