Saturday, March 9, 2019

Lavender in the Dye Pots

pulled out my copy of Karen Kahle's
Little Book of Lavender...
rats, out of the dyes so made up my own recipes...

two dye pots going
one more blue, one more red
I hope

this is one of the Pinterest images 
that inspired the dyeing
might do some of those chartreuse greens next

if you want to see how my dyeing has been going
check out the previous days for the "after photos"
yesterday's grays dyed green
are still waiting for a rinse and dry
will add them to the older
post tomorrow

hope that makes sense

I am bored silly with my fabric stash
between mom and I most of it has been around
20-30 years
am not interested in new fabric though
too much to use up

or dog!

Hope you're having a great weekend
I'm off and resting my achy legs and feet
my own fault
for gaining weight over the winter
depression contributes to my eating issues
but I just like food too much!
the struggle has begun to lose weight again


I  hope don't mind seeing Jensen's handsome face 
for a few more days
first he makes me smiles as an actor and a person
second my electronics are giving me an issue 
with changing the header photo


Laurie Zimmerman said...

Aaaaah, Jensen and there are two HANDSOME guys!!!! I'm 61 years young and I love watching Suoernatural!!! I did kiss my cats today!!! Hope your wool dying is going well! I keep picking up my hooking then putting it down to do some other craft! Laurie

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your blue variation is wonderful! I admire that you can make up your own recipe. I am nowhere ready to try that.
I live under a rock. Never heard of

WoolenSails said...

Can't wait to see how the wools come out.
I really love using all the older fabrics and I think the quality is a lot better than most of the new.


TheCrankyCrow said...

I’m under that same rock with Lauren, but if that’s him in your header photo, ummm, yeah....don’t hurry to change that out any time soon. ;-). I love how your dyed wools turned rich!I have never taken the leap to dying....For so long I had such a small space that it would have been problematic...and so many people I know who hook and dye, say that dyeing becomes obsessive...and I don’t need any more obsessions LOL. I usually don’t do “intentional” efforts to lose weight...but I was shocked to learn I must have eaten 12 lbs of Christmas cookies this year. YIKES! But this winter has been so wretchedly I sit here waiting for another winter storm to hit. Hmmmm...wonder if I have what I need to make more cookies. ~Robin~

Simply Quaint said...

Not sure who these people are you’ve mentioned, I guess I’m under that rock too lol...but who ever he is he sure isn’t hard to look at 🤣🤣🤣😂
Excited to see your dying results, I’ve not really gotten the supllies to do any real wool dying, I’ve used rit dye which I have some and want to experience with a bit more......

Have fun, can not wait to see what fun creations you will make.....


marly said...

No problem seeing him a few more days. No problem at all.

It seems this weight thing always comes back. Maybe it's what our body is and we keep forcing it lower. If I ever lose, I am setting a number that I can't go over which is easier to maintain a pound or two at a time. I'll feel I am at goal rather than always disappointed at my fantasy number!! Don't know what else to do.