Monday, March 11, 2019

Dyeing Wool Tools

these are two of my essentials
when creating my own dye recipes
or making substitutions

the Cushing color card
is also good for picking colors
to dye straight from the package
no recipe needed

this pie chart is a priceless tool
knowing the value and intensity of each dye
allows you a better starting point
with a new recipe
as well as choosing a substitute dye

If you're new to dyeing
one important consideration is the color of the wool
you are using to overdye

I tend to purchase oatmeal type lights
so when over dyeing they look more antique and aged
if you want a brighter look
the wool you overdye should be natural

Checkout Dorr Woolens for comparison

I admit to studying color my whole life
as far back as I can remember 
I had art classes in all grades, including college
the color wheel
primary, secondary and tertiary
opposites, values, hues, tints...
I don't ever think of these
when working with color as they are a part of my 
genetic make up by now
it's like breathing 

It is fun to dye and experiment
I'm just ready to use up my stash
ready for
as-is wool from now on
I'm not quitting hooking

this wall would be perfect
in my sewing room!!!

well, I think I keep my face neutral
when taking patient histories
but this is what I'm feeling!

Have a great Monday friends


acorn hollow said...

I have the first chart but thanks for the color wheel it will come in handy

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ha the face....I’m not sure I am so good at hiding it when I make it. ;-). Well, colors don’t come natural to the temptation to dye is a bit less....and I’m not ingenious (nor prolific) as most hookers I know, so I would probably sit and stare at end results I don’t like and say “now what? Black???” Love that wall!!! ~Robin~

WoolenSails said...

I am going to have to get my dyes out when it warms up, be easier to do it on the porch. I have lots of wool that I got for dying, so time to replenish colors so i have enough for future appliqué projects.


Jacqueline said...

As a child I loved looking at the beautiful dyed eggs at Easter. Did not really enjoy the process or my finished results. The process is better left to others. One has to understand what gives them pleasure and sometimes that is buying the finished product. Then using that product to make something else totally.

Saundra said...

Wish I had your color sense and confidence in dyeing. If I see a color isn't just what I'd hoped for I'm lost. Have no idea how much of which color should go in to make it what I'd planned.

Quayceetatter said...

I started dying in 1976 and have the Cushing dye chart. Started dying again with ProChem and colors come clean in water and happy with the color. I recently purchased Cushing dyes and not happy with Turkey Red, it turned a pretty coral color. Used 1/4 tsp mixed into hot water then into the Roaster with hot water and 1 cp vinegar. After 1 1/2 hr cooking I add 1 tab citric acid. After another hour the water was still pink. What should I have done to get more of a red..1/2 tsp dye? Pic is posted on FB rug hooking.

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