Thursday, March 28, 2019


hi friends
I didn't mean to be away so long

I've been busy researching Keto
cooking and baking
the dishes!

I've been eating this way about 10 days

I am not hungry
my blood sugar is lower and stable
I have lost 14 pounds so far

Don't worry
I'm not about to talk a lot of Keto
after today

This is the first time
in more years than I can remember
having this much scale and non scale success

There are so many wonderful
YouTube channels
full of real life experiences
recipes and product reviews

Plus many educational
channels featuring physicians
if you're a diabetic
have a look at
Dr. Fung

now that I'm pretty settled in my eating
and intermittent fasting
there will be time to create again

I never thought Keto was so easy
it's definitely the fat bombs keeping me


Jacque. said...

Good for you! Keep up the good can do it, Kelley Girl!!! xo

marly said...

You lost 14 pounds in 10 days???? OMG I need to find those links!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Hmmmm..Sounds like amazing results. Diets of any kind and me are just sort of age-old enemies LOL. But I would like to lose these 15 lbs. of Christmas cookies I am still carrying around LOL. Best of luck!! And I don’t mind if you share with us!! ~Robin~

acorn hollow said...

I have been an atkins follower from way back and have lost 20 lbs over the past year. But I do not follow it to the letter. I do feel better when I am lower carb and now that the weather is better here I have been walking every night. Good for you do what makes you feel good and works for you. My issue is I love to cook and bake and that includes bread so I have to have some now and then.

Simply Quaint said...

Way to go Kelley that is awesome.........excited to hear more about your journey.......what a wonderful inspiration for others.......

Rugs and Pugs said...

Congrats on your success. It is hard but you can do it!

Saundra said...

You had me until I read 'intermittent fasting'. I don't really need to lose weight and do eat healthy but still might check into the Keto diet for the heck of it. Of course I wouldn't do the fasting thing at all as I want my stomach to know it is still loved.

Rosemary said...

Good for you! Keto was not for me, but my kids do well on it. I do better eating plant based

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