Sunday, August 6, 2017

New Old Design Progress

still mostly pulling from the pre cut baskets
only the oragne strips are newly cut
I used nearly all the orange them last year...

cleaning up my old doodles
for the booklet has helped me get some of my 
hooking mojo back

tomorrow will be 3 months since Mom has been gone
there is such a big empty spot inside me
trying to stay busy and positive
knowing that's what she wanted

I am pulling old memories from my mind
from when my parents we younger and healthier
the past 10-12 had pushed those memories deep 
for the most part

 here's a recent good memory
Mom and Melrose were best buddies
they had their own little mutual admiration society

off to work soon
ah...the stories I could tell from the ER



HomeSpunPrims said...

Love the colors and motifs in your rug, Kelley!
I'm glad you are able to channel your grief into new creations. I think you are right that your mom would want you to be positive. I try to remember the good times too. And there were so many. I think of you often in your grief. Your fur babies will help you to heal too.
Big hugs, Lori

Saundra said...

I like your blue green background better than mine. Oh I'll bet you could tell some interesting stories from the ER. I've heard some funny ones from nurses just in the hospital room.

Jacqueline said...

Love your colors. Feel your pain of loss, I still miss my Mom and it has been years, but I talk to her all the time and still ask for advice and her opinion on things. I don't think that will ever change.