Sunday, June 26, 2022

All In For Cross Stitch

I posted on FB about floss drops
this is what I use
search on YouTube for specifics and how-to
a special tool to wrap your DMC floss around
then cut

Put on the floss drops
an easy way to keep control of the floss you are using

Did I mention I was going to hook today

 This chart is on it's way to me
just looking at it makes me happy


To answer a question...
I won't be returning to my local needlework shop 
because I didn't feel comfortable there

As for charting my designs for x stitch.
Hell no.
Feel free to use my freebies and booklet designs
you've purchased to do some 
uncounted cross stitch
I've done a lot of that
for myself

I'm not interested in making another job for myself
I'll design and hook rugs
sell the patterns on linen
that's about it

I do need to do a big destash
of some wool
overdyed that are too bright, textures I don't like

Cross stitch is for me 
I used to do a lot of it
samplers I've made up as I went along
mostly schoolgirl type with 
alphabets, numbers and a few motifs
a bunch of uncounted
I don't share many of those
maybe when I finally finish them


Wishing your piece of the world
brings you joy.


TheCrankyCrow said...

LOL...well, guess that answers my question. 🤣 Looks and sounds as though you are as proficient with your stitching as you are/were with you hooking. Holy smokes. I don't do a lot on IG but will have to look you up. ~Robin~

acorn hollow said...

I wish I had the eyes for it now. I use to do counted cross stitch but sadly not anymore love your rug patterns though

Jacqueline said...

The pandemic got me back to cross stitching after decades of absence. So now I don’t hook. I am obsessed with the cross stitching.