Thursday, June 16, 2022

Blue Berries

 image from Pinterest

My AC has been out for a week
it was 95 yesterday and humid
as Kaye Swor said, that makes wool the enemy

The HVAC repairman is coming today
the unit is very old
so, I am prepared to purchase a new one
fingers crossed
whatever it needs can be done today

the image of the blue strawberries
had me pulling out my collection of early blue calico
from a deconstructed quilt
sitting with hand stitching is nice
when the fan is about 2" from your feet

Cross stitching has taken over as my latest obsession
I'm using 30 count linen and it works with my 2.5 readers

36 count is next

 Melrose has been to the vet
the Dr's physical exam found some teeth that need removed
everything else okay
bloodwork all came back normal
 it's ASAP get those teeth out

Have a great day


NMK said...

Hope your air conditioner can be repaired & you can be comfy again ! 95 & humidity would wipe me out ! That's too much for me !!!

Love those blue strawberries , will be adorable in old blue calicos !

Happy your sweet Melrose will be fine !

TheCrankyCrow said... blue berries are beautiful! Will look forward to seeing yours...and your cross stitching! You go girl! Fingers crossed on the a/c. I've had ours on only once so far....which is good as I do not care for it. Necessary, yes, but I'm never quite comfortable...too hot, too cold, etc. ~Robin~

Prims By The Water said...

I love those blue berries! So pretty and prim! Janice

acorn hollow said...

those blueberries are wonderful but so sorry you are suffering from the heat. I hate that kind of heat