Sunday, February 3, 2008

new pinkeeps

some new pinkeeps I've just finished up...
they'll be starting on eBay later tonight~

can't wait to see what the other
ladies from BLESTB have to list

Though the poll is still open
I've already made my decision
which was stay with I'd intended to do all along...
I'll be going back to kanknchester ASAP
and won't fiddle with my eBay ID ever again
~I'll always be kanknchester from here on in~


primitivebettys said...

Your pinkeeps are so YUMMY! AND... I am pleased that you are going back to kanknchester! :) It just has been too tough to get used to the name change!

Wuvs ya,

Jacque said...

Hey Kelley...beautiful work on those pinkeeps!

Kimmie said...

Hi Kelley!

So happy I was the winner of one of those beautiful pinkeeps! I have it proudly displayed on my black hutch. It looks perfect! Thank You Again for creating such wonderful offerings! You are Awesome!
Kimmie in OP