Friday, February 4, 2011

No Snow Today


my favorite comic strip

No snow here today
just cold and more cold
after the ice
on Tuesday night
I'm looking
forward to seeing
more sun

Nothing creative going on
packing and cleaning

A bit of napping
now and then

Next up is packing the car
with books
for the
Friends of the Library
thrift store donation
trash to the curb

Have I ever mentioned
how scared I get
when low flying planes
go by
or helicopters?

Today it dawned on me
how close the new place
is to a small airstrip...
for planes
Life Flight helicopters

So when one crashes
in to my house
with me in it
I won't be surprised
it's one of my few
recurring nightmares


Courtney said...

I used to live close by a small airport. It was a bit freaky. My husband used to fly planes and when I met him, he was thrilled to be in the flight zone. I used to wonder if the yard was big enough for them to land safely. Sounds like you are very busy packing and organizing. Enjoy the snow free zone...more seems to be coming.

Jacque. said...

Hey Kelley...we lived by the airport for many years...there was not one single crash. Used to love being there and hearing the big planes taking off...and course, when the Blue Angels or Thunderbirds were there...the screech of their jets...LOVED that! Hope you'll be able to relax.