Sunday, February 6, 2011

Vermont Folk Rugs

Listed a few items

in Ebay today...
the first is the
out of print
Vermont Folk Dyes
recipe book with swatches...
I think I put a decent price on it
so if it does sell GREAT
if not
it's worth keeping
and not "giving away"

my first wool cutter
used it for a while
then went to hand cutting
for a few years...
bought the Townsend
end of story

Extra cutter blades...
seriously...I bought a #3
that's like
angel hair pasta
to a prim hooker
like me

also listed are a
#8 and #6

This morning I loaded up the

car with tons of recycling...
really being ruthless
as I decide what to pack
what to pitch
what to donate

Tomorrow is a trip to the
charity shop

A bunch of things listed on

I'm all about LESS
this year

Expert maybe on payday


Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Good for you Kelley on recycling and reducing. I bet it feels good to be decreasing. You have inspired me to do some decluttering this week!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kelley ~
Love my little rug. I've even got it hanging in the perfect spot and have posted a pic on my blog.
Good luck with the decluttering/recycling. When I moved (11 years ago) I moved everything, eventually had a garage sale (moved to a smaller house) and the rest ended up in my attic and basement :) You have the right idea.
Hugs :)

Kristen said...

HI- I stumbled onto your blog from another rug hooker blog. I'm new to hooking..
Are you selling the cutter? I have been looking for one.