Friday, June 6, 2014

Strawberries and Scowls

my last errand this morning
was a stop at the farm market for fresh berries
and shortcakes...
I took them to the facility
to share with mom and her table mates
as well as staff
ours was at least as delicious as the one shown
since we had ice cream instead of whipped cream
mom loves it
scooping up extra berries
Ann and Marge ~ her tablemates
were tickled to be included
( I share desserts from home...not the "real food" though)
this is exactly the look we get daily
between 2-3
when Mom insists on finding a ride home
no matter who is with her
it's all
"let me get my purse and we'll go"
now with dementia there is no reasoning with her
right now nothing distracts her...
very frustrating for all involved
even if she has a nap
she wakes up and starts again
Then in the morning when I talk to her
she apologizes
says she's ashamed of her behavior
I always say it's okay to be mad
when you don't get your way
wasn't I a big baby all the time too?
at least she laughs about it in the morning
the tile man has been and done a lot today
should be finished on Sunday
the cats are not thrilled with time spent in jail
it's going to be tough rounding them up
the next few days...


Dirty Martini Queen said...

My Granny had dementia really bad and sometimes you just had to laugh to get thru the day. My favorite story is that she was talking to one of her friends and told her grab her pocketbook so they could head out to WalMart. Doris asked her "Babe, how are we going to get there? You don't have a car" Granny argued that she did have a car and it was right out there in the garage. Doris told her that again she didn't have a car anymore so Granny said " Yes I do and you just come on so I can show you" they opened the garage door and there was no car but my Daddy was storing his bass boat there. Granny said "Well damn someone stole my car and left me a boat! Guess we'll just have to take that to WalMart". I still laugh years later when I think about it.
Hugs to you and your momma.

WoolenSails said...

It is good that you can laugh about it, if we take life too seriously, we would always be depressed;) Do the guys clean up their mess? I wish mine did, haha. He is doing walls so paint dust all over while he patches them up.


acorn hollow said...

so yummy looking! It is so hard to see our parents struggle.

marly said...

Brings back memories. I had to become a deceitful magician of distractions.

Orange Sink said...

Oh Kelley,
The look on that little girls face says it all! I sure hope and pray your mom has lots of good days ahead. You worked hard to keep things at a good level and I'm so glad to hear you are finally getting some needed time to invest in your own life too. The shower and tile work will all be worth the huge mess! Kitties would probably disagree with me though!! LOL!
Hang in there sweet girl!
Cathy G

Mr Puddy said...

I didn't know this is the jail season for kitties..MOL
Have a great weekend