Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Next Up

it took me ages it seems
to hook that little pumpkin
using up nearly all my pre cut orange strips

the background was hard
due to a shortage of dark pre cut strips
not wanting to use dark green

I make up little rules or challenges
for myself when hooking some rugs...

these two pieces were drawn up 
on a smallish piece of linen
fabric stitched along the length to use it on the frame

not sure about the cat design
using the pre cut strips 
means not a dark cat
 gray maybe...


I was going to dye some wool the other day
ended up being too hot and humid
so the wool is hanging on the line
to be soaked again when it cools off!

which looks to be later this week
during my 4 days off
 (regular weekend off and 2 vacation days)

 running low on some dyes too
not going to replace for now
we'll see how make do dyeing goes


NMK said...

Love your little rugs !!!!

Saundra said...

You do magic to your hooked items with the wool pulled from your stash. Am looking forward to the cat.

OH, I do the same thing with sewing fabric to the edge of a small piece of linen to use the maximum available since the excess of linen is cut off anyway. You and I were taught to be frugal!

Dorothy said...

Gorgeous pumpkin. Love the smaller size.

Linda said...

OH Just love how you combine you're colors You make it look effortless
can't wait to see the kitty

linda m

WoolenSails said...

The little rugs are wonderful and you really have been busy, whittling down the worm pile.