Saturday, September 9, 2017

Small Quitls

 work truly kicked my butt last week
between that and Dr appointments I didn't feel like hooking
so I grabbed the scrap basket
cutting strips for some log cabin pieces

the plan is to machine piece
not my favorite
am going to work on improving my patience for it 

these top 2 pics are some favorite Cheri designs...

the next two are from an etsy seller

 another perfectly simple Cheri design

I'm still cutting up scraps 
in between cleaning/organizing the sewing room
and napping
it's a perfect day for napping

wishing you a safe and happy Saturday!


Saundra said...

OMG, I've so much cotton fabric and still have prim quilt designs which I could do as well. AND have the star quilt piece resurrected from the attic which needs to be finished. Hell, I'm retired and still there isn't enough time in a day or week to accomplish what I'd like.

So good luck gal. But you're you're younger and have more years ahead of you to finish those desired treasures.

Dorothy said...

All these little quilts are just gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing your version.

Louise Dückhow said...

Oh, I´m a lover of quilts with patterns from Cheri P. Simple and playful and don´t need to be perfect. That´s my style.
Louise D in Sweden