Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Still in the Rabbit Hole

Work in progress and next up
I am disappointed in the "fancy floss"
about 4x the cost of DMC and supposed to be variegated
it is, barely
not being up to pick it out in person makes a difference
my local needlework shop does not carry it
Last night I was dyeing some wool
that was a previous failure

decided to do a little random fabric dyeing too
not sure what this is, maybe prairie cloth
I used to stitch on it a few lifetimes ago

the top piece was formerly a bright gold
the bottom is the before, the middle the after

There are 3 new rugs waiting to be hooked
once the needle will let go of me...

Have a good night folks!


TheCrankyCrow said...

Love your WIP...and actually have a couple from the Keeper of the Pins stitched...but not finally finished. ~Robin~

TheCrankyCrow said...

PS...never heard of "fancy floss"?? Or are you referring to CC?

acorn hollow said...

Love your piece and your dying. I think it is hard to pick out anything that the color is the major reason for buying

JustGail said...

That's s problem with "fancy" floss (besides cost) - differences in dye lots. What the sample was stitched with, might be very different from what's on the rack in store. And subtle changes can disappear if you stitch one leg across the entire row, the other leg on the way back like I normally do. We'll not even go into cost and availability in stores to look at in person.

That said, I do see differences in the reds, and it looks good. The green seems far more vague in variation - certainly not what the sample on the pattern cover had. Then again, with differences in lighting, camera, computer displays... Your pin keep is looking good.