Thursday, July 21, 2022

Busy Hands, Happy Heart

 Star Spangled
pattern by Threadwork Primitives

the light ones are much better in person
but their still going to get a second dye job

Am looking for this OOP print book if you know anyone
who'd like to part with theirs for cash or a hooked rug

purchased from my friend Bea a few weeks ago
while I was helping set up for her estate sale

created by her son in the late 70s/early 80s
it has so much meaning
her son Ronnie died around that time

we have attended the same church my entire life
she is still active in many projects


I do believe in blogging without obligation
but I didn't intend to be away so long

I have about (no joke)
20 x stitch pieces to show you from
the past few months

Hope you're able to keep cool in this heat
Ohio is bad but not like farther West

It's been a week since Melrose had his dental work
they only had to remove one tooth
He is so much better, other than mad about no crunchy food


NMK said...

Beautiful wools !!! Love Cross stitch patterns , but , my old eyes can't handle it anymore ....Happy Melrose is doing fine !
Hot & Humid in New England too ...UGH !!!

TheCrankyCrow said...

I love that Threadwork Primitives design... 20 projects to share??! Holy cats are prolific!! Beautiful wools... I'll do some checking for that BBD book... I may have it, but am thinking not....but maybe someone I know has it and is willing to part with it. ~Robin~

Tammy from Wisconsin said...

Can't wait to see your completed projects. Share soon!

acorn hollow said...

So nice to see you post. love your wools and your cross stitch is wonderful.
How could she part with it but I guess to someone close made all the difference.

Saundra said...

Good grief but you have been busy stitching...20 of them? I've never done a cross stitch but have done crewel and other embroidery stitched pieces. Love your blue and brown wools.

jody said...

i have been away way to long also..
love your stitching, have always been partial to samplers.
also love your wool! i have been going thru recycled wool that
i will never use as is, have loved how they are dyeing up!
what fun! its been to warm here but soon fall and cooler temps
which means the dye pots will be full!
enjoy the rest of your day!